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Welcome to the club

Trojan Horse: Fire EP

Welcome to the Trojan Horse blog.

Habitués to this site and votaries of this lively prog-quartet will be able to reap from a crop of regular and authoritative articles, miscellaneous musings and band-centric ephemera.

In this the first of many postings, we'll be focusing on the band's first non-album release which has been a long time in the making and releasing. We refer of course to Trojan Horse's pristine six track EP 'Fire'. The release has been plagued with delays due to issues centring on such trivial matters as licensing agreements and the production of the CD artwork.

Fans of the band will know that they are obsessively compulsive about the recording process. Their first album 'Trojan Horse' was three years in the recording and mixing. They are perfectionists and ambitionists. Recording requires that the construction of multi-layered soundscapes by necessity involves specific elements: it's about positioning, churchwarden pipes, arrangements, pewter, patience and a willingness to regularly adopt the posture of a jester. Yet, despite the band's insistence on detail, one or two of these tracks depart from this more usual approach, with tracks two and three being laid down pretty much live in the studio. The title track at 1:40 is a firestorm of sound.

Not only will the purchaser of this fine compendium enjoy several original compositions but will  encounter a harmony-laden rendition of Neil Young's 'Ohio' knocked out on a one-string banjo and a de-tuned bassdrum played with a stuffed sock. The intensive audiophile will be able to while away the hours basking in a Salford sunshine of several fine remixes inaugurated by the substantive and elaborational From the Kites of San Quentin who have tackled the bare Billy-bones of a new composition 'Reggae'. This will, in its more elaborate form, be included on their forthcoming Long Player currently under construction. This is coupled with a rather fine remix of Fire by the highly original and innovative Zoir. For those with a keen eye, the expansive artwork is accompanied by the fine photographic endeavours and accomplishments of Ed Sprake.

In line with our policy of anti-parsimony, we would encourage dedicated followers of Salford's finest to check out these outstanding bands/artistes.

For the kingly ransom of £5, a copy of this masterpiece on Compact Disc, non-warts 'n' all can be yours.


Disciplining the Reserve Army
Reggae (From the Kites of San Quentin Remix)
Fire (DTR Remix)
(Earth, Wind and) Fire (Zoir Remix)

Trojan Horse firmly believe in making their music available to listeners. In order to help the band continue in their quest to produce music and compositions of the highest quality and length, visit the band's Bandcamp website and  purchase their debut long player entitled in the longer tradition 'Trojan Horse'.

Don't just listen to it - buy it!

Above photographs courtesy: Ed Sprake & Gary Paul Duke

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